7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Pros for Your Paint Job

When it comes to home improvement, choose your work wisely! Some two-thirds of homeowners who attempted DIY home projects, rather than hiring professionals, say they regret doing so. The biggest regrets? You guessed it – painting, closely followed by installing tiling or hardwood floors.

This may sound familiar to you!

If you’re like most homeowners, every so often you’ll be inspired to give your space a refresh – maybe the autumn leaves and the start of another school year get you motivated. Even the most tired-looking spaces can benefit from a coat of paint, so we applaud your impulse!

But instead of taking on the paint job yourself, why not hire professional painters to do the job right? There are countless reasons why leaving major jobs to professionals is wise. Here we dive into the top benefits of not making interior home painting your next DIY project.

1. Professionals Bring Know-How

Pros PaintThere is nothing like a brand-new paint job, whether you paint your entire house or just one room. A well-executed paint job can make a space fresh, current, and lively. A sub-par job, on the other hand, can antagonize you for weeks until you fix it. Off-colored walls, spillage, or sloppiness can drive even the most patient homeowners crazy.

When a property owner hires skilled professional painters, the difference is obvious.

Professionals spend years mastering their craft. They are quite talented artists, and it is evident in the final product.

An experienced painter has mastered almost every kind of painting project. They’ve had to deal with difficult spaces, unwieldy fixtures, and any number of other issues that arise when painting a home.

As you might expect, all of that experience makes skilled painters worth the investment for your next paint job!

2. No Prep Required!

If you’ve ever painted even a single room in your house, you are aware of the immense amount of preparation required before applying the first brushstroke. You need to clean the walls, patch any holes, and deal with that spot on the ceiling where water leaked last spring. Furthermore, pulling up your area rugs and relocating furniture are time-consuming and often require more than one person.

Most homeowners can find better use of their time than preparing their walls for several hours!

Professional painters are aware of the importance of priming the painting surface. They will take the required care to clean and prepare the area so that your lovely shade of vintage blue adheres properly and endures the wear and tear of daily life.

Moreover, painters do more than just set up for the work. They clean up afterward. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new space. We call this a win-win!

3. Painters Are Experts in Color

When you have your heart set on your favorite paint maker’s color of the year, there is always a small chance that you will choose an imperfect shade for your house. Perhaps you didn’t consider that the room would feel cramped if painted the color you fell in love with, or it doesn’t look quite right with your home’s natural light.

Wouldn’t it be better to seek professional advice before splurging on a not-quite-right color?

Most who pursue painting as a career are fascinated by color. Professional painters can lend their expertise to color choices while considering your preferences and lifestyle and help ensure your vision matches reality!

4. Product Savvy

Paint products have evolved tremendously over the years. The array of choices can be totally daunting to a novice— like labels that provide no information about the product, or confusing terminology like low-VOCs and no-VOCs.

For example, most people are unaware that there are specific types of paint best suited to particular rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Unwittingly, you could go home with paint that attracts rather than resists mold.

Your professional painting team will help you select the best paint for each room in your home. You’ll end up with the best finishes, which means you can feel confident that your paint will work with your lifestyle – especially if you have pets or kids!

5. Professionals Bring the Right Tools

The average homeowner may have a few paintbrushes in the garage, and they might even have a decent roller and paint tray. What most people don’t have are professional-grade brushes and rollers.

Did you know different types of paint and surfaces require specific types of brushes and rollers? Your painter does! And if you’re dreaming of that smooth brush stroke-free finish you see in the magazines, a quality painter has all the right airless and HVLP spray gun systems to get the job done.

Don’t forget about high-quality drop cloths. They’re essential if you want to protect your floors and any furniture pieces too heavy to move.

Contractors who specialize in residential house painting bring the right tools and know-how to use each one. Another plus? They own the tools, meaning you won’t need to invest any money in tools you would only use once.

6. Time Well Spent

It’s not unusual to underestimate how much time a paint job will take. You planned for a Saturday afternoon, but chances are, the last project you took on went dragged on well beyond that!

Maybe you didn’t realize how much prep work you needed. Or, how tiring the work is. Or perhaps details like the corners and windows slowed you down.

What took you over a week, your painting team can finish in a day or two.

Professional painters have their systems down pat so that they maximize their time. It allows them to finish the project within the allotted time. And they won’t leave touch-ups or other loose ends for you to complete.

7. Painters and Insurance

We’ve all heard stories about contractors who damaged a home or hurt themselves on the job. It happens! What shouldn’t happen is for the homeowner to lose sleep over a job not done right or a potential lawsuit because a painter tripped on the stairs.

You can relax when you hire a qualified residential painting service.

An expert contractor has liability insurance. Any expenses related to injuries or safety accidents that take place in your home will be covered by their insurance.

Their insurance typically also covers added costs to correct issues of quality or damages to your home.

Ready to Trust Your Painting Project to the Professionals?

As you can see, there are many pluses to hiring professionals! Whether you value the experience they bring, the time they can save you, or the peace of mind they offer due to a job done well, it’s worth it!

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