8 Signs its Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Has it been a while since you swooned at the sight of your house? If you can’t remember the last time you were thrilled when pulling into the drive, it might be time to freshen things up. After all, your home is more than your refuge – it’s your face to the world. When things are looking a bit lackluster, a few simple steps can bring it all back to life. Ready to fall in love with your home again?

Here are eight signs its time for a fresh paint job:

You Haven’t Painted in Years

A high-quality exterior paint job performed by pros such as the team at Coleman Painting is expected to last 7 to 10 years. The paint on the outside of your home is the first line of defense from the elements while also boosting curb appeal. Consider the last time you had your house painted and make a note of when it’s due for a touch-up. Can’t recall the last time? You’re probably overdue.

Faded Color

The searing Arizona sun, dust, wind, and rain take a toll on the exterior of your home. Over time, vibrant colors naturally fade. If your paint job looks a bit tired or drab, an exterior paint job may be just what you need to revitalize and enhance the exterior of your property.

Damage to Wood or Stucco

Surface damage is unavoidable over time. Although paint can withstand a lot of abuse before reaching the wood or stucco, you may see fractures in the stucco or rotting in the wood. These are symptoms that your home has seen better days and needs a refresh. Before repainting, Coleman Painting can offer basic repairs and get you on your way.

Paint That Is Bubbling Or Peeling

The hot summers in Arizona can cause your house’s paint to bubble, crack, or peel away from the surface. A more serious condition, such as rot or mold, might also create these paint flaws. Regardless, it’s definitely time for a fresh coat of paint if you notice these issues with the original paint job.

Cracking Caulk

Caulking has a substantially shorter shelf life than most paint products, especially when applied on a home’s exterior that is continually exposed to the weather. It might be time to re-caulk and repaint the entire outside if the caulk work between trim pieces, around the edges of siding, and in other spots is starting to crack, crumble or exhibit other indications of age. Applying a fresh coat of paint and a new application of high-quality, durable caulk to seal the gaps and protect the finish can help you avoid water damage and other potential issues.

Shrinkage and Gaps in the Siding

Eventually, all building materials will succumb to the environment in one way or another. It’s usually a good clue that it’s time to paint when you notice holes in siding, shrinkage of wood or trim pieces, or other concerns that make things look unkempt and in need of repair. Give your house a once-over, filling in gaps and holes and repainting everything for a fresh, cohesive look.

When Your HOA has Sent You a Notice

When you’re living in an HOA community, sometimes there’s no getting around needing to repaint. While the home may look okay to you, it is the job of the HOA to ensure the community looks well-kempt, thus keeping everyone’s home values up. We can help you navigate the HOA approval process, getting colors approved, and ensure everything is in compliance.

When You’re Selling

One of the most straightforward ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is a fresh paint job. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it indicates your home has been well looked after. Painting your home’s exterior can help fetch a better asking price and bring in more offers. Looks matter to discerning home buyers and bargain hunters alike!

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