9 Painting Mistakes Homeowners Regret

The excitement of seeing a wall of full paint swatches might give your heart a thrill, but before you dive in, take caution and avoid mistakes!

In order to do the painting job right, there is much more to do than browse fan decks and experiment with online visualization tools. Before picking a paint color you might regret, save yourself some hassle and read on for common painting mistakes homeowners regret…

Using Tiny Swatches

Size matters when it comes to swatches. Request a large sample or fan deck from a color expert, and use large enough paint swatches to accurately assess how the color will appear when you try various hues.

It’s smart to paint large blocks on each wall in order to assess how they appear in various lighting and gloss levels. Also, avoid crowding samples. To really assess each shade, there needs to be some space between samples.

Lastly, don’t rush. It can be helpful to live with a potential color for a few days before making your big decision.

Overlooking Finishes

painting detailsYour choice of finish needs to be in line with the function of the space.

Although lots of homeowners express wariness about using a shiny semigloss, it can last longer than a flat or matte finish, while also offering more moisture resistance, making it ideal for bathrooms and the kitchen.

Flat and matte finishes, on the other hand, are simple to touch up, so work well in high-traffic areas like hallways and kids’ rooms.

Don’t forget to consider other tones in the room, such as countertops and flooring, as these will contribute to the room’s overall balance.

Not Being Adventurous

Beige on beige? Yawn!

Color is a reflection of your personality. While “safe bets” can indeed be safe, a bit of color can inject style and liveliness into your space.

Additionally, using the same color throughout saps a space of depth. If you prefer a neutral palette, consider mixing things up with warm grays, beige, and soft colors when painting.

Choosing The Wrong White

We have some bad news for you if you’re new to the world of paint: You can’t just choose “white” paint and call it a day. White comes in a dizzying variety of tints and shades, so it’s important to decide what you want before going committing.

Some are cool, others warm, and still more are neutral, so for the perfect pick, consider the room’s finishes and undertones.

Another typical mistake is using too much white, which can make a room look boring or institutional. Consider a cream or other soft tone instead.

Overlooking the Room’s Purpose

Design experts claim that there are a few general principles governing color psychology.

Red, for instance, has been demonstrated to increase heart rate and blood pressure, making it a wonderful choice for an entertainment space but a poor one for a bedroom, while calming hues of blue or green work well in bedrooms and navy blue in offices.

Bathrooms look great in crisp tones that convey cleanliness.

Missing the Ceiling

The ceiling is your fifth wall and deserves the same thoughtfulness as the other four!

No matter what color you choose, hiring pros for your painting job will ensure you get sharp edges along the top and make wall color pop.

While ceilings don’t require painting as frequently as walls do, but disregarding them will make them look drab and unclean.

Including A Startling Accent Wall

While accent colors can add pop and be intriguing, we advise against going with the loudest color you can imagine. When picking a bold color, it should still fit with the general color scheme of the house. Going overboard is a recipe for regret.

Be careful when choosing the location for an accent wall. There are some rooms that are more suitable than others.

Not Considering Light

The lighting is frequently harsh and industrial in hardware and paint stores. However, you probably have some softer, warmer, and more natural light at home.

It is also wise to test color swatches in various lighting conditions – such as daylight with the windows open and nighttime with your overhead lighting – to avoid a shade that doesn’t quite work.

Trying a Painting DIY Trend

While sponge painting and crayon drawing look cute online, applying them to your walls might be challenging.

Some of these can even damage the wall, leaving an undesirable texture behind.

To restore the wall’s surface, which might be challenging to do, you might need to hire a professional. And if you’re considering selling, keep in mind that not every prospective customer will adore your creations.

Of course, your best bet for avoiding painting regrets is to hire an expert! The team at Coleman Painting is here to lend our expertise and experience to your project, ensuring you’ll be happy with the results for years to come! Get in touch today.

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