First Impressions last, make it a good one!

Exterior Painting

Nothing matters like a first impression. And the exterior of your home or business is where you make that lasting impact. Not only does it affect how you feel, it tells the world who you are. Keeping it in the best shape possible ensures your investment maintains its value for years to come.

Get the exterior of your Phoenix home or business in great shape with Coleman Painting. Our team of pros will examine the condition of the exterior and then determine if you need repairs or whether a simple paint job will do.

It's All In The Details

An investment in your home is an investment in your family and peace of mind – not to mention your home’s aesthetic and overall value! You can rely on Coleman painting to get the job done well at a competitive price. Our team is standing by to give you an estimate!
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Full Exterior Painting

We’ve got you covered—our team can paint every part of your building, including siding, porches, walls, and more. Ready to hire Coleman Painting for exterior work on your Phoenix area property? Learn more about our services…

Front Door Refinishing

Some do judge a book by its cover…or front door! Let us improve the look and condition of yours through refinishing.

HOA Compliance Painting

Let our team ensure your home is HOA compliant with minimum fuss and clear communication. We have years of experience working with HOA groups on color approval and compliance requirements.

Stucco painting

Stucco, a textured material common in the Southwest, requires an expert touch. Get in touch if you need a fresh coat of paint on your Phoenix stucco home or business.

Wrought Iron Painting

Do you have a wrought iron fence or other wrought iron structure around your property? Coleman Painting can handle it — let us improve its condition or simply freshen up the look.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Porch and garage floors withstand a lot of wear and tear. Coleman Painting offers porch and garage floor painting so you can maintain the parts of your property that get hit the hardest.

Carpentry and Wood Replacement

Wood left outdoors in the elements can take a real beating. Let us inspect the wood on your property’s exterior and complete any necessary repair work before rot or damage occurs.

If you need Exterior Painting in the Phoenix Metro area, count on us.