How to Prep Your Commercial Space for Painting

First impressions last. Making your business shine is about more than just the services you offer – but rather, everything clients experience in their interaction with your business will contribute to their perception of it. Shabby paint, dusty corners, and outdated décor can all give off an impression of irrelevance, shoddy work, or simply an organization whose heart isn’t in it.

On the contrary, businesses that invest time and money into upkeep and a stellar appearance exude class and credibility. They let clients know they care.

Moreover, well-established businesses looking to freshen up their reputation and style can go so far with the help of fresh paint and updated furnishings.

If you are ready to refresh your commercial space, we offer some tips on how to prep it for a speedy and successful job!

Why Prep Before Painting?

Quite simply, surface preparation aids in preventing problems from arising during the painting process, such as issues with adhesion. Improperly prepared surfaces can lead to paint that bubbles, peels, cracks, and flakes – which not only looks unprofessional, but costs time and money to repair.

Although prep work can be difficult and time-consuming, it is ultimately worth the effort. A trusted team of professionals, however, can take the work off your hands and ensure your space is prepped for results that both look good and stand the test of time.

How to Prep for Commercial Painting

There’s more to prepping a space than simply wiping down walls and moving furniture. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

Size and Scope
Before you start preparing the building itself, think about the scope of your project and the potential impact on business. If you have a large space or multiple structures, there is no way around it – it is going to take time. Consider minimizing the impact on business by scheduling painting in phases, during the off-season, or on days when the business is closed.

Be Color-Wise
Considerations regarding color in a commercial space are distinct from those in a household. You can normally select the hue that best appeals to you while decorating your home (provided there are no community rules against it), but when selecting paint colors for a business, there are other factors to take into account.

The color you select can help you establish your brand while also making your business stand out and look good. Choosing a color palette should not be a casual decision, and may require the input of an expert!

Furthermore, in certain areas, the local council or chamber of commerce may have regulations. Historic structures must preserve the original color schemes used when they were first created, for example.

Safety First
Safety protocols for painting a house are often less demanding than the safety procedures required for painting a place of business. At home, you have the hefty responsibility of looking after your home, your family, and your contractors. In your place of business, however, you’ll also need to consider your clients, neighbors, and nearby traffic. Painting professionals can ensure that you have done your due diligence and handle your job responsibly.

Leave it to the Experts

For your commercial location, preparation is essential to having a paint job that wows. Why not leave it to the experts?

Your commercial painting projects deserve nuanced care, attention, and dependable service. The state of your business property is a reflection of your company’s values, and it’s essential that you have skilled contractors at your side to keep it looking its best.

At Coleman Painting, our team of painters has decades of experience with interior and exterior painting. They’re highly skilled, professional, and reliable. We know that many businesses operate on tight timelines, so we offer affordable, efficient, and smooth service.

At Coleman Painting, our customer service team offers flexible appointment times to avoid disruptions to your business and operations. Your painting project is executed with care and precision to help you achieve your vision. If we are needed onsite during your hours of operation, our crew is trained to operate with tidiness and courteously. Even more – we offer after-hours services so you can have your project scheduled for the time most convenient for you.

Our team prides itself on an excellent job, done promptly and seamlessly. We are standing by for your questions and concerns, and you can rest assured that you’ll hear back immediately. We at Coleman Painting understand that good customer service is just as valuable as fulfilling your commercial painting needs.

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