Should I Paint Before or After Moving In?

Buying a home is one of life’s most memorable events. After your search has ended and the mounds of paperwork have been signed, there begins the real work – moving in and making it your own!

While some homes are picture-perfect on move-in, others need TLC or that personal touch. If your new home is in need of a coat of paint, you may be wondering if it is smarter to paint before or after moving in. Here’s what the pros have to say:

Some argue that it’s preferable to move in first, arrange all of the furniture, and then select which colors of paint should go where. However, the general consensus is that it is far better to leave the furniture in your existing home or store it—or, if you haven’t bought it yet, don’t go on a furniture shopping binge just yet. Paint the house first, then move in. Here are four compelling reasons why…

Paint First to Save Time and Energy

When you purchased your new home, you did so with colors and trim that had been chosen by someone else. Transforming the property with paint colors, tones, and textures that are uniquely yours will make it your new home just as much as owning the front door keys.

If you’re going to paint the house, you can save tons of time by leaving the furniture in its current location while you work prior to moving in. It won’t have to be moved around the house or even outside for painting reasons. This also helps keep your belongings safe and sound. The majority of damage to homewares—broken glass, cracked table legs or gouged furniture—occurs when they are being relocated from one area to another, as any mover will tell you. The risk of harm is reduced by half if they remain at your old residence or in storage while painting is being done. Although it’s comforting to know that when working with specialists, you can rest assured that they will take all necessary procedures to minimize the risk of damage to your personal property.

Choosing the Best Paint Color Palette

Deciding what shades and tones you want is difficult enough when you’re not surrounded by piled boxes and furniture that isn’t yet arranged. The capacity to picture each area without distraction, including from your belongings, is crucial to deciding how you want your home to look before moving. When these rooms are crammed with furniture and clothing, it’s impossible to see the space clearly or understand all of your options. Bringing in brightly colored paintings, furniture, or even clothing has the effect of pre-selecting room colors for you, rather than putting your ideal interior design first.

Go with the Pros

If painting before moving in is the preferable option, then hiring experienced interior painters is the best way to ensure that the job is completed quickly and professionally.

painting movingPainting the interior of a new home is a big job. But if you are working with pros, chances are, there will be very little time between choosing your paint colors and the painters completing the work, as a home with no furnishings speeds up the project significantly. Without furniture to carefully move or pack away, your painters will be left to focus on what they do best – getting your job done with precision and skill.

Make Your House a Home Before Moving In

Each homeowner has their tastes and preferences when it comes to color schemes. Designing with your style in mind will help you feel at ease and make your new home truly your own. More than that – it puts your personality front and center and can complement the rest of your home’s art, furnishings, and décor. You can also take advantage of the blank canvas to really consider your home’s overall aesthetic.

At this point, it’s critical to remember a few basic principles regarding paint: Darker colors seem to shrink space, whereas lighter hues appear to expand it. Connecting spaces like hallways and staircases are also wonderful places to transition from one color to another, but the colors in these areas should be neutral rather than eye-catching.

Ultimately, experience suggests that the wisest plan is to hold off on moving in until you have had a chance to explore your interior design dreams, have chosen your ideal color palette, and hired top-notch interior home painters.

Interior Painting in the Phoenix Area

If you’re ready to take your new home to the next level, get in touch. When you hire Coleman Painting for interior painting, you can count on us to complete any necessary repairs to your walls, cabinets, trim, baseboards, and more. When your space is in good shape, we then prep the surfaces to be painted in advance of a top-notch, quality paint job.

Once painting is complete, our pro crew does a thorough clean-up, leaving your home or office pristine and fresh. We cart away all trash, including hazardous and chemical materials, leaving no trace—except your perfect paint job.

We don’t leave until we’ve ensured you are satisfied — our final walk-through is a chance for us to show off our work and make sure we have exceeded your expectations. If you’re not totally happy with the result, we will gladly touch it up or change it. Once the walk-through is complete, our team will help restore your furniture and belongings to their proper places, leaving your space good as new and ready to use.

If you need Painting in the Phoenix Metro area, count on us.