Increase Your Home’s Value With Exterior Painting

Thinking of selling or just want to make sure your home looks great? It may be time for a fresh coat of exterior paint! This is one of the most straightforward ways to give your home a facelift, increase its overall value, and make sure it’s got maximum curb appeal.

Read on for more ways to get the most bang for your buck on the value of your home with exterior painting…

Does Painting Your House Increase Its Value?

In short, yes.

Nothing matters like a first impression.

Consider the following: When you browse for homes online, you frequently see the outside of the house first (usually from the street). That might even be the sole image present on a realtor’s brief. Fewer people will click through to view interior photos if the exterior view of the home doesn’t give a decent first impression.

A message is sent by freshly painted exteriors!

What do you want potential buyers to think about your house when they see it? The care that has been given to your home over the years is reflected in a fresh-looking exterior. Old, peeling paint may convey the opposite idea, much like a front yard overrun with weeds.

If the exterior paint on your stucco is faded, peeling, or patchy, it’s probably time to hire professionals to repaint your home. Who knows – it could be the spark that ignites extra interest in your home and generates competition!

What’s more, you are offering a home that’s more “move-in ready” and eliminating a time-consuming and costly upgrade. In essence, you are removing a “But, we’d have to…” from the buyer’s list of concerns because high-quality exterior painting work doesn’t need to be redone for ten years or more.

It also goes without saying that you will appreciate a freshly painted home. Returning every day to a lovely, inviting home, even if you aren’t selling, is a triumph!

How to Choose a Home Exterior Color

Some general rules apply when deciding what color to paint your home’s exterior before selling. Broadly speaking, it is preferable to blend in with the crowd while choosing colors rather than to stand out. For instance, you probably don’t want to have your home painted a bright gold if the other stucco homes in your neighborhood are all a mild red color. Most agents will tell you that very few buyers want to purchase a “unicorn,” – that is, a home that doesn’t fit the neighborhood, is pricey for the location, or simply does not match the properties nearby.

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) often set restrictions on what colors can be painted on neighborhood properties. Getting that information up front and making sure your final color choice is within its accepted range will save you time and headaches.

exterior paintingHire the Best

Painting your home’s exterior isn’t quite the same as painting your living room’s accent wall. For this project, you’ll want to hire experts to maintain the value of your home.

Why work with experienced professionals? For starters, they are capable of carrying out the necessary preliminary work for a project to succeed. Second, if the update is done well, you will be more likely to see an increase in your home’s value. Prospective purchasers will be greatly turned off by any quick corners that result in a subpar exterior painting job. A stand-out paint job signals to buyers that this was a well-cared-for home, and a sound investment.

Need some Help?

If you have questions about what’s involved in an exterior painting project, need help choosing a color, or if there is something else on your mind, get in touch. Our savvy team does it all – from painting a single room to full exterior paint jobs and complete property overhauls, we’ve got you.

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